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Membership Information

All of our classes are on-going & do not have start or end dates. If your student is in on of our School Aged Classes (6 years of age & up), they have the opportunity to move into the next level every 3 months. This opportunity is dependent on if the athlete is able to master the skills in their current class, as it is unsafe for students to move up to a level they do not have the skills for.


 Learn more about the move up process, move up ceremony, and how to keep track of your athlete's progress below! If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Membership Services Staff. 


Contact Info:


Star Charts


We use Star Charts to track each athlete's progression in their current class. These are updated each week by coaches. ​ Because the safety of our athletes is our top priority, certain skills on the charts are deemed vital in order to move to the next level. These skills are shown with asterisks (*) around them and are required to be mastered before an athlete can move to the next level.

iClass Pro App


Can't make it to the class to chat with your athlete's coach? No problem! You can always track your athlete's progress in the iClass Pro app. Click the link below to download it in the Apple or Android app store. Type in "pacificedge" when it asks for your orginazation. From there you can log into your Parent Portal account and see your athlete's Star Chart.

Apple Users:

Android Users:

Move Up Ceremony-School Aged


While the Move Up Ceremony is not required, we strongly encourage all eligible athletes to attend; we love having the opportunity to celebrate the growth and success of our community! These ceremonies are run similarly to a real gymnastics meet. We start with a group warm-up, introduce every athlete, then begin rotating between each event so that all the athletes have an opportunity to show off the skills they have worked so hard to master. We end the event with an award ceremony. Every athlete will receive a program and level-specific certificate, and some levels will receive special gifts (such as goal journals or medals)

Parent Talk Box

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After each class every day,  our coaches are available to talk to parents at our Parent Talk Box. This is the perfect opportunity to talk to your athlete's coach about the skills they are learning in class and the progress your athlete is making. They are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

Ready To Move Up!


Every 3 months, our school age athletes have the opportunity to move up. Any athlete who is eligible to move into the next level will receive an email and phone call from our office staff with the exciting news! These athletes will also receive an invitation to our move up ceremony! The invitation to move up and attend the ceremony will be sent out during the same month as the ceremony. 

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