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About Us

Our mission at Pacific Edge is to support every child's developing life story through youth sports and positive mentor relationships. Everything we do revolves around our four cornerstones: safety, quality, opportunity and community. Safety always comes first in our gym. We aim for consistent quality by prioritizing education, honest and open communication, and reflection. Pacific Edge is a place where everyone has the opportunity to develop and improve their athletic abilities as well as achieve their personal goals. We take great pride in our Pacific Edge community - supporting each other, embracing everyone's differences, and encouraging each other through positivity.


Bria Myers (pictured on the left) and Emily Mendoza (pictured on the right) both have substantial experience in the gymnastics industry. They were high level competitive gymnasts and have coached in several gyms throughout California since their competitive career ended. They have coached all levels from preschool to competitive gymnastics. Bria and Emily both received a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in coaching from California State University Chico. Through their degree they have a strong background in child development, safety in sport, and injury prevention which is applied to the curriculum of Pacific Edge Sports Academy. Both owners are safety certified through the state of California, including CPR and First Aid. They place great significance in continuous education for themselves and their staff.

Owners & Founders

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