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Spot Tv FAQ's

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  Frequently Asked Questions


Question-    What is Spot TV?

Answer- Spot TV is an app designed for parents to be able to watch their students via live streaming. It is designed for only students that participate in our classes here at Pacific Edge Sports Academy  without having to enter our facility.


Question-  How do I get Spot TV on my device?

Answer -Step 1: Download the FREE mobile app. Search the App Store or google play  for Spot TV Family.

Step 2: On the App’s home screen, select the button that says “New here? Sign up” to complete registration.

Step 3: Your customer service team at Pacific Edge Sports Academy will activate your account once your information and your child’s viewing schedule have been verified.

Each parent would need their own app and registration as individuals are unable to share login information.


Question- What about security?

Answer-Simply put, nobody has access to Spot TV that wouldn’t have access to viewing your child here at our facility. Once your account has been activated, you will ONLY be able to access our live streaming cameras during your assigned child’s day. For security purposes, you will not have access to the live streaming for makeup classes. In addition, Spot TV’s security protocol meets that of online banking standards. Spot TV believes the online security of our families, your children, and staff at Pacific Edge Sports Academy are their highest priority. We will always strive to deliver a comprehensive, high-performance online viewing solution with an acute focus on keeping your data safe and your interactions secure. 

Question - Can I take a screenshot or record from spot TV ? 

Answer-  For security purposes Spot Tv does not allow for video recording or screenshots while using spot TV platform. If you screenshot your account will be instantly locked and you will have to contact spot TV to have it unlocked. You may also suffer consequences from the Pacific Edge Sports Academy for screenshots or recording via video. Pacific Edge Sports Academy takes great pride in the privacy of our gymnasts and their families. 


  Question- How many logins do I get ?

 Answer -Pacific Edge Sports Academy allows 20 logins at 20 minutes each . For security purposes spot TV will log you out after 20 minutes and you will need to re-login again. 


Questions - what if I use all my logins and need more? 

 Answer- Please contact the customer service team at Pacific Edge Sports Academy and they may help you reset your logins. 707-639-7107 or at 


Question - what if I registered for the wrong camera ? 

Answer-Pacific Edge Sports Academy has skilled customer service representatives that check each enrollment and cameras before your Spot TV account is approved. If you notice you have a wrong camera and cannot view your child’s class please contact the customer service team at 707-639-7107 or at for assistance. 

Question- Can my other parent or relative have an account ? 

Answer- All families are different. Some families have two working parents that take turns dropping their child off at gymnastics. Some families are led by a single parent who goes to the grocery store during gymnastics classes. Other families have one working parent and a stay-at-home parent who takes their child to youth sports each week, & the list goes on.

Spot TV’s ability to live stream classes gives all families the chance to have the same view of their child’s progress. Mom or dad can check in from their phone while grocery shopping or during a break from their out-of-town business meeting. Or grandma who doesn’t live close by can login to see the progress her grandchild is making.

To register for a relative account just create an account and select “relative”.  Proceed with the on screen instructions. Once finished the account will be linked to the parents account once approved by Pacific Edge Staff.

If you are a parent just create a new account and select “parent”. Follow the on screen instructions to finish completing your account. Once finished Pacific Edge Staff will approve your account within 24 hours.

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