RecreationaL Program

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Intro 1 & 2

Tuition Price $85 per month

Your Introductory gymnast will be taught how to safely utilize full sized gymnastics equipment while learning and perfecting their fundamental gymnastics skills. We take the time to educate each child on the physical and mental aspect of every skill they learn in the intro levels. We care about the comprehension of the skills they learn as well as the physical mastery of each skill! The progressive curriculum allows for steady and fun progression through the levels and your child can also look forward to Game Week at the end of each month!

Intermediate 1 

Tuition Price $90 per month


Intermediate 2

Tuition Price $95 per month

Your Intermediate gymnast will build on their basics and begin learning milestone skills with safe and successful progressions; pullovers, back hip circles, round offs and more! The safety and comprehension of their skills remain important as they continue to grow in our Gymnastics program. The curriculum is designed to challenge them, but allow for opportunities to experience success along the way. Your child can also look forward to Game Week at the end of each month! 



Tuition Price $85 per month

These co-ed classes only work out on the Tumble Track and Floor! The progressive curriculum teaches them the fundamental tumbling skills and moves forward through advanced tumbling classes. The coaches cater to multiple skill levels within the class, but your child will have tons of fun Rolling, Flipping and Flying through the gym in this class!


Boys Gymnastics

Tuition Price $85 per month

Boys Gymnastics provides a fun and safe energy outlet for boys of any age, where strength and discipline are key factors. Applying strength across six differing apparatus will build confidence and test any young thrill-seekers, through the development of mobility, endurance, flexibility and co-ordination.