Urban Warrior

PESA's Urban Warrior program prides itself in being more than just a program for flips and tricks. We strive to develop the athlete as a whole, teaching them life skills every step of the way. From learning the fundamentals of gymnastics which include agility, strength and endurance to problem solving skills; our Urban Warrior Program will help shape them into the strong and confident individuals we know they can be.
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Mini Warrior

Life as a WARRIOR begins here! In this 30 min class your Mini will develop listening and communication skills while learning how to problem solve. Their day to day class will include climbing on and over obstacles, mastering hand and eye coordination all while managing to burn off some energy. Each class begins and ends with a mantra and creed specific to our gym's philosophy which will carry into the levels as they grow with the program. We teach all of this through a strategic mix of progressions and skills.

Ages 3-4

Little Warrior

Now that your Warrior is 4 years old, they are ready to conquer their next obstacle! Basic skills begin to transform into the fundamentals of gymnastics. Your LITTLE will learn how to Cart, Vault,  Handstand, Re-grip and even FLY through the air all while learning to overcome their fears. Each class begins and ends with a mantra and creed specific to our gym's philosophy which your LITTLE will begin to use in their everyday activities. We teach all of this through a strategic mix of progressions and skills.

Ages 4-6

Mighty Warrior

Ages 6+

Your MIGHTY has surpassed their hardest challenge yet; they have advanced based on age AND skill. In this 55 min class your MIGHTY will have mastered over 25 skill progressions. They will continue to develop the ability to listen, problem solve, help others and are starting to overcome the feeling of failure. They are working on memorizing  our Mantra/Creed and can give specific examples of how they take their Urban training into their world outside of PESA.  Great Job MIGHTY! Nothing can get in your way now.

Mega Warrior

Ages 7+

Being a MEGA is not something we take lightly here at Pacific Edge. Their progressions are now turning into full on skills they can practice inside and outside of the walls of Pacific Edge! They are strong, fast, smart and are learning how to make quick decisions while in the air. They are beginning to master more than just  the basics of gymnastics and they are ready to train skills that involve corkscrews, full twists, Double Vaults and much more. They are well disciplined and their peers are starting to  aspire to be just  like them.

Reach for the stars MEGA!

Ultimate Warrior

Congratulations!! Your warrior is one of the very few! They are an ULTIMATE Urban Warrior! Each day they will learn to jump higher, run faster, flip bigger and defy the laws of gravity. You will notice they start to eat, sleep and breathe Urban Warrior. Their obstacle course time is at a high. They are continuing to learn how to work through problem solving skills quickly. They are quick on their feet and they are beginning to communicate well with their peers and adults. Most of all they are working on respecting others and themselves! As their tricks get more difficult and their body gets stronger, they are learning how to reach the top and there's no going back now.


Ages 7+