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Character Trait: Courage

Letter of the day: B


Energy Burn: Student will run through an obstacle course where they are jumping off blocks, maintaining their balance on objects as they attempt to maneuver across the ocean of sharks. They will run through this obstacle course for around 10 minutes before moving to stretching as a group.  


Introduction to character trait: As a group we will talk about the definition of courage and then I want the students to relate it back to their lives and think of a time they were courageous and hopefully share it out. I will of course model my courageous moment first.


Beam with colors: Students will start in a whole group on the main floor. They will play a game called crossing the ocean: As a group they will use the colored foam pieces and try and use them to make it across the floor while balancing on them. If they fall into the ocean then the group has to start over. For the final 10 minutes we will be on the low beams working on courageous jumps off of the low beams on to different colors. Each color is a different type of jump.


Vault with Animals: Students will be using different animal jumps to attempt to punch up on to a block (RED, GREEN, or BLUE). We will discuss how a kangaroo jumps compared to a frog or a bunny and which animal does the best in gymnastics. Students will also be examining what it might be like to be one of those animals with a hurt leg and how those animals deal with jumping around with a hurt leg AKA, one footed hops. We will also discuss how we can be courageous on vault by even attempting to punch on to a higher block then they believe they can punch to.


Letter of the Day, B: As a group we will brainstorm words that start with the letter B. Each student will think of one word with the letter  B and that will be written on the board and the students will write their names by their word for parents to see at the end of the day.


Floor with shapes: We will review our shapes that we know and the gymnastics shapes we are unsure of. We then will decide what shape we want the obstacle course to be and students will participate in building it.  Students will then be partners with one person they do not know and begin the obstacle course together. Skills will be: Cartwheel Jumps, forward and backward rolls (my spotting station), jumps on panel mat, and off panel mats, mini handstands.


Bars with being courageous: Using the monkey bars students will learn the correct motion to using the monkey bars, and then we will rotate to the uneven bars and use floor bars for side stations. I want students to feel courageous and feel like they accomplished something they didn’t think they could do. Skills include: Hanging and swinging on the uneven bars, practicing monkey walking across the low bar. 

Strength/conditioning: Wednesdays will be focused on upper body with an emphasis on abs. Students will be courageous as they persevere through ab exercises and continue to partner with other children they don’t know. Exercises include: V-holds, V-ups, Planks, Straight Log rolls across floor, and crunches.


Story time with courage


Closing: Students will tell the group their favorite part of the day and one time when they felt courageous during the day.


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